Common questions we receive..

Do you have drilling timelines?

No we do not have any timelines for drilling. That decision is made by the various drillers most often behind closed doors.

What type of payment do you accept?

Payment can be made by check or money order using the order form provided. Credit cards are also accepted through PayPal. We do not retain or see any credit card transactions.

Do I need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card?

No you do not need a PayPal account to pay. You can use your existing PayPal account but you are not required to create a new account with them. PayPal accepts most major credit cards.

Does my account automatically renew?

In the past credit card subscribers did but now all subscribers are on a pay as you go. We do not automatically renew your subscription

Will you contact me before my subscription expires?

We send out reminder emails about a month before your subscriptions ends. Please make sure we have your current email address on file.

Do you have addresses or phone numbers of the well landowners?

No we do not have any addresses or phone numbers however we do have 911 addresses of the pad locations. These are supplied to us from DEP and taken from the drillers. These addresses are in with the well pad information grid.

How often is the information updated?

Normally within a day or so of us getting the information.

Do you send out reports?

No we do not send out reports. The information is updated on the websites and can be viewed anytime.

What is a stormwater permit for?

Stormwater permits are needed for any excavation that needs to take place. They need stormwater permits for pipeline, well pad and other construction. Stormwater permits are a good indication of new wells coming. They are not the same as well drilling permits. Well drilling permits are needed before any drilling takes place.

How long is a permit good for?

Permits are valid for 1 year. After that they need to reapply.

Do you have pipeline routes or maps?

Pipeline is tough to track. Changes are made to pipeline routes all the time. Your best bet is to contact the local planning commission and ask what maps are available.