Wyoming County Pennsylvania

Gas & Oil Well Locations

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Well permits are needed before any drilling can take place

Stormwater Permits are needed before any excavating can take place
This would include pad construction, water containment ponds, pipeline and others

Below is not a complete or up to date list. Shown as example only.

Windham Twp
Well Permit Reference Landowner Driller Received Approved Lat/long Map
131-20051 922811 Tiffany Wyo 5H Chesapeake 4/5/11 5/18/12 41.6270, -76.1773 click for map
131-20105 922952 George 2H Chesapeake 4/11/12 5/25/12 41.6337, -76.1610 click for map
131-20069 922953 Curtin 2H Chesapeake 4/11/12 5/25/12 41.6197, -76.1955 click for map
131-20076 922951 Shaw 2H Chesapeake 4/12/12 5/25/12 41.6311, -76.1680 click for map
Stormwater Permit Reference Site Name Company Received
131-0003 910723 Rosalie Gathering Line Appalachia 1/13/12
131-0002 910730 Penecale Gathering Line Appalachia 1/13/12
131-0010 924569 Goodwin - Wyom 9 Freshwater Impoundment Chesapeake 4/23/12

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