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Gas & Oil Well Locations in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Plays

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Pennsylvania as you know sits on vast amounts of natural gas and governments are preparing to export major amounts of this gas to foreign countries. This will insure drilling in our area for many years to come. You or someone you know will be affected by this continued drilling.

Our website is dedicated to bringing you the most up to date permit information in a simple to use and understand format. We provide valuable Stormwater permit information for well pad construction and pipeline plus Well Drilling permit information with landowner names and locations.

Coordinate listings for all wells and a direct link to Google Maps for all gas well locations. Just click on the map link and it will show the site location with aerial photography. We are redesigning our websites to provide mobile users an easier format. We have added fields designating the type of well and direction, either horizontal, vertical, gas or oil. Using DEP supplied data we have created maps designed for Google Earth.

Our download center is full of various maps and information including latest well production numbers from the state.  

Our county list continues to grow all the time. We currently supply data for Allegheny, Beaver, Bradford, Butler, Clearfield, Crawford, Fayette, Greene, Lawrence, Lycoming, Mercer, Potter, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Venango, Washington, Westmoreland and Wyoming. More counties will be added as interest grows.

We have also created a new group in Facebook called Pennsylvania Marcellus and Utica Shale Gas. Here we link various news articles relating to the shale development and list permit activity.

Below is not a complete or up to date list. Shown as example to the information we provide.

Forest Lake Twp
Well Permit Reference Landowner Driller Received Approved Coordinates Map
115-20923 923048 Bush 6H Carrizo 4/11/12 5/23/12 41.8656, -75.9303 click for map
115-20922 923050 Bush 5H Carrizo 4/11/12 5/23/12 41.8656, -75.9303 click for map
115-20921 923051 Bush 4H Carrizo 4/11/12 5/23/12 41.8656, -75.9303 click for map
115-20920 923052 Bush 3H Carrizo 4/11/12 5/23/12 41.8656, -75.9303 click for map
115-20919 923055 Bush 2H Carrizo 4/11/12 5/23/12 41.8656, -75.9303 click for map
115-20918 923056 Bush 1H Carrizo 4/11/12 5/23/12 41.8656, -75.9303 click for map
115-20944 928842 Micks South 1 2H WPX 5/24/12 6/28/12 41.9028, -75.9597 click for map
115-20945 928846 Micks North 1 3H WPX 5/24/12 6/28/12 41.9028, -75.9597 click for map
115-20946 928850 Micks South 1 4H WPX 5/24/12 6/28/12 41.9028, -75.9597 click for map
115-20947 928852 Micks North 1 5H WPX 5/24/12 6/29/12 41.9028, -75.9597 click for map
Stormwater Permit Reference Site Name Company Received
115-0048 917959 Griffis 1 2 3 4 Well Site Cabot 3/8/12
115-0063 934339 Lester Rd Pipeline Williams 7/13/12
115-0081 924574 Bush to Laser Gathering Lone Carrizo 4/23/12
115-0083 924726 O'Reilly Well Pad WPX 4/24/12
115-0143 925076 Shields Compressor Station Laser 4/25/12
115-0096 927311 Hawley Compressor Station Williams 5/14/12
115-0149 932757 Burts Pipeline Project Williams 6/29/12

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