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We track natural gas development throughout Pennsylvania

Coordinate listings for all wells and well locations. Fields designating the type of well and direction, Horizontal, Vertical, Gas or Oil. Henry Hub Natural Gas Price Spot Price, Baker Hughes Rig Count.

What's going on?
83 natural gas wells have been drilled from 1/1/18 to 2/16/18.

The largest producing gas well (last reporting period 12/17) is in Wyoming County at 1,100,429.00 (Mcf)

The second largest producing well is in Washington County at 1,010,810.00 (Mcf)

Of the top 10 producing wells in the state, Susquehanna County has the most with 6
Wyoming County has 3 and Washington County has 1

Continuously Updated. - Listings by Municipality, Click any county on the left for more examples.

Our website includes..

Well drilling permit listings

Including reference numbers, permit numbers, farm name, coordinates of the well, mapped location (click on link)
The driller of the well, type of well either horizontal or vertical, Oil/Gas and type of permit.
Reference Well Permit Name Coordinates Map Driller Type Oil/Gas Permit to
1019533 015-22993 Klein 01 014 06 R 6H 41.7503, -76.8504 map Talisman Horizontal Gas Drill
1019534 015-22994 Klein 01 014 08 R 8H 41.7503, -76.8504 map Talisman Horizontal Gas Drill

Stormwater permit listings
Including permit numbers, reference numbers, site name and company. Stormwater permits cover a broad range
but give a good indication of any new pad or pipeline construction.

Stormwater Reference Site Name Company
059-0048 1032806 Hart Unit 9H 10H 11H amendment Chevron
059-0050 1034950 Veres and Khedive Pipeline Project Energy
059-0030 1043385 Yareck Well Site Chevron

Well start dates (SPUD) and current drilling activity
Including well drilling start dates or SPUD date. Well permit numbers, driller of the well, municipality of the well, farm name, type of well, Coordinates of the well, Horizontal or Vertical drill and mapped location. (click on link)

Spud Date Well Permit Driller Municipality Name Well Coordinates V/H Map
1/28/16 115-22146 Talisman Apolacon Repine 07 022 01 T 1H Gas 41.9717, -76.0873 Horizontal map
1/28/16 115-22147 Talisman Apolacon Repine 07 022 05 T 5H Gas 41.9717, -76.0872 Horizontal map
1/28/16 115-22149 Talisman Apolacon Repine 07 022 04 T 4H Gas 41.9716, -76.0870 Horizontal map
1/29/16 115-22148 Talisman Apolacon Repine 07 022 07 T 7H Gas 41.9716, -76.0871 Horizontal map

Well Pad Data
This data gives you pad name, Current operator of the pad, coordinates, 911 address, mapped location (click on link). Permit number, farm name, status either active, inactive, plugged and drilled (SPUD) date.
Well Pad Operator Coordinates Map Permit # Farm Name Well Status Spud Date
Bakerstown Road Unit 2H Range 40.6250, -79.7834 map        
    1872 Bakerstown Rd   003-22203 Bakerstown Road Unit 5H Active 5/20/12
        003-22204 Bakerstown Road Unit 4H Active 5/20/12
        003-22210 Bakerstown Road Unit 2H Active 5/18/12
        003-22211 Bakerstown Road Unit 3H Active 5/19/12

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including Well Production, Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price and Baker Hughes Rig Count

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